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ethical fashion, easy.

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Ethical Made Easy.

When we couldn’t find a place that made it easy to shop ethically, we decided to create it ourselves. So now, we hope it’s also your place to find ethical and sustainable businesses doing great things.
When you’re here, you’ll learn the stories behind the clothing and products you consume. You’ll be able to support businesses that are changing the industry and learn from incredible Movers & Shakers doing amazing things.
We hope you’ll leave here a little more educated than when you came and inspired to make a change in the way you consume.

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On the

You’ll find:
- A comprehensive brand directory with founder’s stories about why they started and who made your clothes.
- Interviews with Movers & Shakers
- A breakdown on the fabrics you wear and sustainable options
- Further resources such as apps, books, documentaries and the likes to help learning about conscious consumption a bit easier to digest.
- Personal posts about the journey this far, and what we learnt along the way.