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Meet Suzie, the beating heart of Velvet Heartbeat.

Meet Suzie, the beating heart of Velvet Heartbeat.

When Suzie couldn’t find high quality, cruelty-free products, she decided to make them herself, and voila; Velvet Heartbeat was born. Since that day in 2017, and with a little help from some very strong cups of coffee, Suzie has been designing and creating vegan goodies from her house in New Zealand.

Read some more about this ambitious, caring boss lady here:

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Meet Ren, the co-founder of the environmentally and socially conscious Matter Prints.

Meet Ren, the co-founder of the environmentally and socially conscious Matter Prints.

Being originally trained as a sociologist, this woman knows a thing or two about the wellbeing of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Ren transferred this knowledge and passion into a thriving business focusing on changing the lives of garment workers for the better, and we are 100% here for it.

Read on to discover more about Ren and her mission with Matter Prints:

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Meet Samantha Sargent, advocate for natural beauty, health and wellbeing, and founder of the wonderful Be Genki.

Meet Samantha Sargent, advocate for natural beauty, health and wellbeing, and founder of the wonderful Be genki.

Before Sam became the founder of a successful Australian business she was, first and foremost, a friend. To help improve a dear friend’s state of mind, Sam concocted a blend of essential oils, and worked with her to the point where self-care rituals eventually ended up taking the place of anti-depressant medication. This oil blend was Be Serene, and this process turned into Be genki.

Read our interview with Samantha here:

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Meet Elizabeth Bold, founder of Little Emperor

Meet Elizabeth, wonder mum by day, founder of Little Emperor by night.

Elizabeth had always held a desire to celebrate the beauty of childhood, imagination and playfulness, so she decided to create a company that focused solely on that. As Little Emperor grew, so too did Elizabeth’s knowledge of the fashion industry, and the growing environmental and social impacts it was ultimately having. She soon realised “this business had to be so much more than its end product”, so she switched it up a little...

Intrigued? We were too.

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Meet Ross Macdougald, the chemist turned founder of the revolutionary skincare brand, Biologi.

Ross, an industry chemist who has been developing plant-derived extracts for cosmetic products since 2012, was frustrated. He was frustrated because of the low levels of which his serums were being used in the commercial products for which they were intended. So, what did Ross do, you ask? Ross created the first skincare company to provide a 100% active single ingredient, organic plant serum. That’s what Ross did.

To find out more about this incredible man and his epic business, read on:

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Meet Lara Miller, one of the brains behind the beauty that is AmaElla Ethical Lingerie.

It was Lara’s studies at Cambridge that awakened a hunger for entrepreneurship, and a drive to create a company with ethics and sustainability at the forefront of its practices. It was this, along with Lara’s knowledge of the impact of water pollution brought about from a sabbatical in Madagascar, her educational visits to cotton plantations, and her good friend (and now business partner) Julie, that laid the foundations on which AmaElla Ethical Lingerie was built.

Find out more about how Lara and AmaElla aligned here:

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Meet Tony & Tracy, the founders of Au Natural Skinfood.

Meet Tony and Tracy, the geniuses behind New Zealand grown Au Natural Skinfood.

Tony and Tracy created the Au Natural Skinfood range with the consumer and the environment in mind. Not only was this dynamic duo extremely aware of the nasties that hide in the conventional skincare products so readily available on the market but also of the devastating effects plastic pollution has on our planet. So, they decided to do things a bit differently.

Read on to find out about what’s in the incredible products that Tony and Tracy create and why they’re so driven:

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Meet Loreto, the founder of Anima by Loreto - a fashion label that ticks all of our criteria and then some.

Sometimes we come across those brands that we just can't look past—the way their products are made ticks all of our criteria, the materials are sourced with sustainability in mind, and the outcome of this sweet ethical collaboration is a product that will not only last a very long time but is also basically a wearable piece of art.

Anima is one of these brands, and the founder behind it, Loreto, has one of the most incredible stories to tell.

We dive deep in this interview to learn more about why she started Anima, who makes her garments and why she chose the materials she works with. 

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Meet Ben, the founder of CoGo aka the app that's changing how easy it is to do good.

Meet Ben, co-founder of CoGo: the app changing how we shop.

As if social entrepreneur, economist, and environmentalist weren’t impressive enough, Ben Gleisner decided to add CoGo co-founder to his CV. With this background and with such a drive to create meaningful and impactful change through business, Ben “started this company with a mission to fundamentally change the world for the better.”

You can click here to find a little bit more out about this game-changing app, but to understand what makes Ben tick and about how CoGo came to be, we picked his brain. Read on to find out what he told us:

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We chat with Victoria James, the founder of Multiverse Designs, a company turning timber trash into treasure.

Meet Victoria James, the owner of Multiverse Designs, a company turning timber trash into treasure.

Behind each piece of beautiful jewellery is a talented pair of hands and, in terms of Multiverse Designs, these hands belong to Victoria James. A youth spent in the depths of a New Zealand forest caused Victoria to see firsthand just how much timber gets sent to landfill, and this inspired her to create a company that puts these scraps to good use. To discover the vision behind this brand and why it is what it is, read on:

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Meet Natalie, the founder of Canadian based, Arraei Collective.

If you haven’t yet already come across Arraei in our brand directory, prepare yourself for what will likely become one of your new favourite brands.

Not because of the completely plastic free packaging they use, or the fact that they add in the most beautiful surprise to each order (although that’s part of it), the story behind and the quality of each Arraei garment is one worth telling and getting behind.

While you can read our full brand write up, aka what we really think of Arraei here, we wanted to sit down and chat more with Natalie about why she started this timeless label, what the struggles have been in her journey thus far and what her goals are for the future.

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Meet the founders who are changing up what it means to do good in business with their accessories brand, Duffle & Co.

Meet Kai and Danny, the dynamic duo behind Duffle & Co.

After both travelling to India and meeting the incredibly talented artisans competing against sweatshops and factories, Kai and Danny decided to do their part in supporting them and the traditional ways in which they were crafting garments. That’s how Duffle & Co came to be. Now with a bit more experience under their belt, they’re trying to tackle this issue in a few different countries. 

Kai and Danny shared with us their biggest challenges and motivators, and we’ll share them with you too: 

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